Metaphysical Phenomena

To start with no one with the mind of a peeping Tom would be able to astral travel effectively. There are many misconceptions about supersensory abilities and one of them is that one can develop these abilities without consideration being given as to ethical and moral aspects. Moral precepts are not empty exhortations, they have a practical, down-to-earth purpose which is generally overlooked. One effect of their willful oversight is that astral projection is precluded. Just as dirt-clogged, rusty and corroded engines will not work, so will a neglected astral body be unable to project. However, let us assume that someone inclined to ‘voyeurism’ did project into, say some woman’s bathroom, what would happen is that the woman’s aura would immediately pick up the intruding presence. This would cause a reaction, manifesting to her as a conscious feeling of uneasiness. She might look over her shoulder, or wonder if someone was looking through the keyhole, it would be that kind of feeling. The other effect of this reaction would be that her auric frequencies would cause a state of repulsive dissonance in the intruder’s astral form, so that it would be forced back into its physical form with something more than a shock. The shock would not only cause discomfort and distress to the physical form of the intruder, but would also erase any memory of what had been seen.

No, yet both have their origin in gwinin. Current electricity is a frequency force manifesting in activity, while static electricity is a potential power of similar nature under stress and ready to manifest under certain conditions. Emanations are radiating impulses having their origin in the internal frequencies of matter.

As we have said every living thing has an aura and so these are not unique to existence in the physical dimension. The aura seen around a person while he or she is on the physical plane, consists of both a physical and an etheric or metaphysical aura. Some people who see auras see only the aura relating to the physical body, while others can see both of them. On the astral spheres the auras are much brighter, or perhaps it would be more correct to say they are seen with greater clarity.

Probably everyone now knows that the brain generates waves which can be measured on various kinds of electrical apparatus. These waves or rather the power behind them is akin to electricity and this power we call ‘Osilmegan’. Every thought modifies the impulses of osilmegan, in much the same way as the sound of words spoken into a microphone varies in intensity according to what is being said. Take a tape recorder as an example; one speaks into a microphone and the words are broken down into minute magnetic currents which impress themselves onto a magnetic tape. The words themselves are not registered, only magnetic impulses. When the tape is played back these impressions are interpreted as words and reproduced in a likeness of the original speech. Osilmegan acts in a way similar to the electricity used in tape recordings and voice reproduction. Thus thoughts are being continually broadcast. They are not, however, picked up by other human beings in the general course of events (although they are in fact indelibly recorded elsewhere). People have a natural inbuilt immune system similar in operation to the tuning device on a wireless set. Were this not so they would be driven crazy by the sea of noise surging about them, and in which they are immersed. Telepathy is simply a matter of attuning to certain thought waves or frequencies. The brain is somewhat similar to a radio transmitter combined with a radio receiver. Just as the radio receiver would be useless without a tuning device, because otherwise there would be only a chaotic cacophony of sounds from the receiving set, so is the brain equipped to ‘tune out’ the countless ‘broadcasts’ from everyone’s thoughts. Telepathy is the capacity for breaking through this ‘tuning out’ capacity.

To deal with the last part of the question first. Everyone has the ability to read and write, but that does not mean that everyone can. All of us have inherent capacities, such as the capacity to learn music, or to become proficient in other arts or skills, but not everyone wants to do so; one may not be prepared to devote the time and effort necessary to develop such capabilities. There are people who are unable to see colours because they are colour-blind; that is not to say that colours would not exist even were we all colour-blind. Similarly, we all have the latent ability to see auras, but not all are prepared to develop it. It is quite valid to question the value and virtue of doing so. Each one of us has an aura which is indicative of our thoughts, our state of health and mental and spiritual condition. It is the light produced by the interaction of the enlivening Spirit within with the body magnetism. The physical body is surrounded by a band of grayish blue light similar to the colour of uninhaled cigarette smoke, which is quite narrow and follows the contours of the body. The intensity of the blue varies according to the persons’ state of health and vitality. This band of light is the extension of the etheric or metaphysical body which stretches out beyond the physical body. Beyond this extends the aura, which varies considerably in size and colour according to people’s state of spiritual evolution, nature, thoughts, health, and many other factors. Whatever its size the aura is composed of swirlingbands of colours which fluctuate with the persons’ thoughts and emotions. There are zones in the physical body which produce their own

horizontal bands of colours. The aura is not the etheric body, as many people think, but the electric or magnetic field surrounding the vitalized and enlivened body, and its colours are caused by the frequency rates of the energy within the field. The aura changes as spiritual development progresses. Every living thing, down to the cell, has its own aura.

Some elements of the aura of a magnetic nature do pertain to the physical body, but in general the phenomenon relates to the metaphysical. It should be noted that it is the physical body which exists within, and is subject to, the aura, not the other way round.

There are of course many kinds of emanations, but in this context you are probably referring to the radiations, or perhaps they should be called frequency projections, from all physical and some psychic forms. They always relate to matter of some sort and are extensions of the frequencies within the form; these frequencies being, themselves, an expression of the power we call ‘gwinin’, which brings the form into manifestation. It

is only through the emanations (or frequencies) reaching us from all things that we can know them.

There are many misconceptions concerning these words and their significance. The occult, like the supernatural, is simply the presently unexplainable. Once, such things as electricity, magnetism and related phenomena, antiseptics, even writing and the ability to read, were all included in the realm of the occult. When we talk of the occult we are simply referring to something beyond our present sphere of knowledge. The term ‘supernatural’ refers to things transcending known natural laws and therefore of an occult nature.

Electrons are the first form into which gwinin concentrates, preparatory to material manifestation. We might say that under specific conditions gwinin congeals and gathers itself into a cell-like structure of a magnetic nature, but it is to be understood that at this point matter is not in existence. There is something having a sub-electron nature, but we are at present unsure of what it is, although there is considerable scientific speculation. The only certain thing at this stage is that it is energy and not matter.

Because the words ‘psychic’, ‘occult’ and ‘magic’ have been so exploited and associated with so much self-deception they have fallen into disrepute. Culdians use the term ‘metaphysical’ and their manifested interest in this field is simply a by-product of their research and understanding of universal laws. Metaphysical development (or supersensory development) requires a considerable degree of personality development and the practice of social and personal responsibility, self-discipline and organizational capacity. The fact that many sensitives have neglected to develop in balance and are scattered, uncommitted, irresponsible, disorganised and often display emotional or mental instability, casts a further shadow over the field of metaphysical research. The ignorant will blame these people’s interest in metaphysical development for any personality problems

they may have, and this is true to the extent that they have not developed the attributes needed in a balanced personality.