The logical consequence of freewill.  Everything we do is in some way the outcome of choice.  We all go through life making either good or bad choices and these govern our daily routine.  Most choices are made at a subconscious level and most relate to prior conditioning.  One objective of the Mastery of Life is to help Aspirants make conscious choices.  We should govern our choices and not be governed by them.  It is a sequence of choices that determines an individual’s path through life and each should select the path which is compatible with his or her state of spiritual development.  It is wrong to interfere with a person’s free choice of spiritual belief.  Those who are uncertain of their own beliefs try to convert others to these beliefs, subconsciously thinking that reinforcements will buttress their own faith.  The prime consideration when seeking to introduce anyone to a spiritual path is whether it is the best one for him or her as an individual.