We are all familiar with the dimensions of length, breadth and depth and can understand a fourth dimension of time.  There may well be other dimensions beyond the comprehension of those whom live on this three dimensional world.  To Culdians the word ‘dimension’ also means a frequency band beyond our physical cognition.  Thus there are astral and spiritual dimensions, and there may be many more.  Matter can exist in a state of solidity on one dimension only, although it may be perceived on more than one.  We may occasionally be cognizant of something existing in the astral with our physical eyes but it will appear ethereal, shadowy, unsubstantial; however, in its own dimension it will be solid and tangible.  Likewise, from the astral dimension things of this world, this dimension, appear intangible, unsubstantial to those who have the capacity for viewing them.  The whole material creation, of which we are a part, exists in a dimension of its own.