This is something generated by a combination of freewill and ignorance. It is human nature’s legacy to civilization over the last 20,000 years. The battle between Good and Evil goes on whether we believe in Evil or not. Even today there is a struggle for the control of civilization. Culdians do not regard Evil is being ‘devil inspired’ but see it as that which is prejudicial to Good. It can have no actuality of itself and exists only in contrast to Good. All that is conducive to the well being, progress in spiritual evolution of humankind as a whole is Good while all that is contrary to this is Evil. This, in broad outline, is the concept of Evil. It may also be regarded as a parasitic fungus on the healthy tree of Good. It pollutes the pure waters of life. It is often very difficult to determine just what is good and what is evil and there are some seemingly gray areas. What appears to be good may unwittingly serve an evil end, while something seemingly evil may serve a good purpose. The Culdian teachings give considerable attention to the ways in which Good and Evil can be defined and how to recognize Evil when it intrudes upon Good.