Culdians believe in a Supreme Being, a Supreme Intelligence, a Divine Mind, the Fountainhead of Love and Godliness – the Supreme Spirit, the First Effect (See Absolute). The human individual is also essentially a spirit, hence the intimate relationship. Although there is only one Supreme God, because of the diversity of humankind and the many differing stages of spiritual development He has many names and is conceived in many ways. Therefore, Culdians usually referred to ‘The God of their hearts’, for they have no wish to quarrel with others who may conceive the same God in some different guise. Most religions acknowledge a Supreme Being, but each tends to claim Him for itself and to believe that it alone understands Him. Worse have been fought to resolve contentious issues; today, people are not much further advanced. That is the tragedy of the world. There is no such thing as a false God or a false religion, unless a child can be called a false adult. When the so-called ‘heathen’ worships some kind of idol, he is not worshiping a false God, but only interpreting the One True God according to the best of his ability, to bring himself into communication with the God of his heart. That God will never censure the primitive child of Nature because of his simplicity. (NOTE: Following convention and for ease of style we were referred to the Supreme Spirit as masculine. It seems rather derogatory to call God ‘It’. Of course, Culdians understand the God is both masculine and feminine, embracing the attributes of bold.)