There are two types; the congenital homosexual and the environmental homosexual.

Congenital homosexuality occurs when either a female oriented ego incarnates in a male body or vice versa. It can be the result of kharmic conditions or necessities and can also result from a mother’s intense desire for a child of a particular sex. Congenital homosexuals cannot help being what they are and should not be penalized or victimized.

Environmental homosexuality is in a different category. The environmental or conditioned homosexual may justifiably be called a pervert or a deviant. This particular sex orientation results from family background, upbringing or circumstances. It is unnatural and brought about by some human act or attitude, some human failing or weakness.

The most unfortunate type of homosexual is the one who is on the borderline between the two sexes, or who has all the inclination towards one sex role but finds it impossible to adequately fulfill that role. In such cases the consequent stresses are always tragic. Also there are homosexuals who are not enslaved to their sexuality, who have a latent capacity for expressing Love but find it impossible to find a compatible mate in a realm where sordid sexuality usually predominates.