Can God be proved to exist?

Category: The Supreme Spirit

Here there is a paradox, for absolute proof of this would negate the whole purpose of human existence. Uncertainty and doubt are two prime and necessary factors in life. Many people get things out of perspective when considering this subject. “Do you believe in the existence of God?”, and “Do you believe that there is something in you r make up which is immortal?”, are not the same questions, nor is one necessarily dependent upon the other. The important thing for each individual to consider is not whether or not God exists, but whether the individual considers himself or herself to be in part an immortal being. If we are immortal in part, then in due course we shall know the answer to the first question; if not, then it is of little import. If the first question is relatively unimportant the importance of the second one is affirmed by the fact that verification can be obtained on earth, but again only through the expenditure of very considerable effort.


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