Concerning astral travel. Can this not be an invasion of privacy? Is it not the answer to the wildest dreams of a peeping Tom?

Category: Metaphysical Phenomena

To start with no one with the mind of a peeping Tom would be able to astral travel effectively. There are many misconceptions about supersensory abilities and one of them is that one can develop these abilities without consideration being given as to ethical and moral aspects. Moral precepts are not empty exhortations, they have a practical, down-to-earth purpose which is generally overlooked. One effect of their willful oversight is that astral projection is precluded. Just as dirt-clogged, rusty and corroded engines will not work, so will a neglected astral body be unable to project. However, let us assume that someone inclined to ‘voyeurism’ did project into, say some woman’s bathroom, what would happen is that the woman’s aura would immediately pick up the intruding presence. This would cause a reaction, manifesting to her as a conscious feeling of uneasiness. She might look over her shoulder, or wonder if someone was looking through the keyhole, it would be that kind of feeling. The other effect of this reaction would be that her auric frequencies would cause a state of repulsive dissonance in the intruder’s astral form, so that it would be forced back into its physical form with something more than a shock. The shock would not only cause discomfort and distress to the physical form of the intruder, but would also erase any memory of what had been seen.


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