How does telepathy work?

Category: Metaphysical Phenomena

Probably everyone now knows that the brain generates waves which can be measured on various kinds of electrical apparatus. These waves or rather the power behind them is akin to electricity and this power we call ‘Osilmegan’. Every thought modifies the impulses of osilmegan, in much the same way as the sound of words spoken into a microphone varies in intensity according to what is being said. Take a tape recorder as an example; one speaks into a microphone and the words are broken down into minute magnetic currents which impress themselves onto a magnetic tape. The words themselves are not registered, only magnetic impulses. When the tape is played back these impressions are interpreted as words and reproduced in a likeness of the original speech. Osilmegan acts in a way similar to the electricity used in tape recordings and voice reproduction. Thus thoughts are being continually broadcast. They are not, however, picked up by other human beings in the general course of events (although they are in fact indelibly recorded elsewhere). People have a natural inbuilt immune system similar in operation to the tuning device on a wireless set. Were this not so they would be driven crazy by the sea of noise surging about them, and in which they are immersed. Telepathy is simply a matter of attuning to certain thought waves or frequencies. The brain is somewhat similar to a radio transmitter combined with a radio receiver. Just as the radio receiver would be useless without a tuning device, because otherwise there would be only a chaotic cacophony of sounds from the receiving set, so is the brain equipped to ‘tune out’ the countless ‘broadcasts’ from everyone’s thoughts. Telepathy is the capacity for breaking through this ‘tuning out’ capacity.


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