I have heard a lot about auras, but I have never seen one. Nor can I see why such a thing should be. What is an aura and why, if it exists, can’t everyone see it?

Category: Metaphysical Phenomena

To deal with the last part of the question first. Everyone has the ability to read and write, but that does not mean that everyone can. All of us have inherent capacities, such as the capacity to learn music, or to become proficient in other arts or skills, but not everyone wants to do so; one may not be prepared to devote the time and effort necessary to develop such capabilities. There are people who are unable to see colours because they are colour-blind; that is not to say that colours would not exist even were we all colour-blind. Similarly, we all have the latent ability to see auras, but not all are prepared to develop it. It is quite valid to question the value and virtue of doing so. Each one of us has an aura which is indicative of our thoughts, our state of health and mental and spiritual condition. It is the light produced by the interaction of the enlivening Spirit within with the body magnetism. The physical body is surrounded by a band of grayish blue light similar to the colour of uninhaled cigarette smoke, which is quite narrow and follows the contours of the body. The intensity of the blue varies according to the persons’ state of health and vitality. This band of light is the extension of the etheric or metaphysical body which stretches out beyond the physical body. Beyond this extends the aura, which varies considerably in size and colour according to people’s state of spiritual evolution, nature, thoughts, health, and many other factors. Whatever its size the aura is composed of swirlingbands of colours which fluctuate with the persons’ thoughts and emotions. There are zones in the physical body which produce their own

horizontal bands of colours. The aura is not the etheric body, as many people think, but the electric or magnetic field surrounding the vitalized and enlivened body, and its colours are caused by the frequency rates of the energy within the field. The aura changes as spiritual development progresses. Every living thing, down to the cell, has its own aura.


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