I have heard about the astral world, but keep confusing it with Heaven. Can you tell me what this astral world is like?

Category: The Afterlife

To start with ‘astral world’ creates the wrong impression, for in reality it is not one but many many worlds. The term ‘worlds’, too, is not entirely correct, perhaps ‘dimensions’ would be a better word, for they are not divided by space but by states of being. Perhaps the best way to illustrate this is by analogy. There are many thousands of radio stations throughout the world; if they all tried to broadcast on the same wavelength there would be absolute bedlam, with no distinguishable communication at all. So in order to overcome the chaos of similarity, receivers are restricted as to what can be received and the broadcasting stations are each allotted a particular frequency. Thus, through its own frequency rate each station becomes a separate entity with a broadcast unique to itself. It does not interfere with the others and while the receiver remains tuned to that particular broadcast none others appear to exist. So it is in the astral. In the frequency rate of A will be found all those attuned with it; they will be drawn together by the law of affinity and will be compatible. In state B will be another group of compatible people and in state C yet another group of people compatible within their own limits. Soulspirits in the astral dimensions, or the astral realms as they are sometimes called, are set apart according to their frequencies and attracted into relationships by affinity. In the lower astral there are antagonisms and other similar emotions, but this does not apply to the higher astral planes which, to those who dwell there, would be Heaven.


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