I have read your publication on reconciliation, which deals with Christianity in a sensible manner, but am still unable to reconcile the doctrine of forgiveness of sins with the statement of Saint Paul in his sixth letter to the Galatians, “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. How can these two be reconciled?

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They cannot be reconciled and so to determine the matter we have to seek some guidelines, some standard for judgment. We exist in a universe of law and orderliness, were it otherwise there would be a chaos in which development and progress would be impossible, and it is doubtful if life itself could exist. It is the inviolability of the laws of constancy and cause and effect that makes science possible. We know that forgiveness is impractical in relation to human law and if it were a principle of the law which directs our everyday lives society would collapse. Whether people consciously recognize them or not the universal laws do exist and it is we who reward or punish ourselves accordingly, as we work in harmony with these universal laws or are foolish enough to disregard them. Undoubtedly our wrongdoings are forgiven by God, even as an earthly judge bears no personal malice towards those he passes a sentence upon.


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