I understand that men and women have different frequency bands. Is this true and if so what is the effect of one sex on the other?

Category: Frequencies

Women vibrate on a higher scale of frequencies than men because they have a natural inbuilt finer tuning system; therefore the objective has always been for men to come up to women rather than for women to come down in frequencies. In these latter days of the declining gage woman’s frequency scale has been generally lowered, with the result that there is now some confusion between the frequencies of men and women. Male frequency adjustments are made on the emotional and mental level, and it follows that lifestyles and attitudes become all important. When an emotional relationship is entered into irresponsibly, without due consideration being given to certain principles relating to frequencies, then the outcome is what is called ‘Vibratory Confusion’, sometimes called ‘Auric Dysfunction’ or ‘Auric Maladjustment’. This has the effect of lowering the frequency rate and it can manifest as physical maladies, but more often it can be seen as emotional and metaphysical disorders. This state of being preconditions the body, through a lowering of the capacity of the immune system, so that it nourishes the spawning grounds of infections. Auric dysfunction has serious effects on the whole being of a man, but because the body of a woman is more finely attuned and of higher frequency, the effects on her are more serious. One of the main causes of auric dysfunction is incompatible relationships at a sexual and emotional level, but an even greater effect occurs through the confusion of frequencies when one sexual relationship is adulterated with another. This occurs not only when such relationships are concurrent, which leads to serious auric dysfunction, but also when a relationship is too soon replaced by another. In relation to supersensory development auric dysfunction displays the following effects: it imprisons metaphysical potentialities so they cannot properly manifest, or if they do manifest they do so defectively. Another effect is that Healers will bleed psychically and their power will easily drain from them, or will be polluted and do more harm than good. Auric dysfunction clouds clairvoyance and psychometry and distorts telepathy. It also triggers many, if not most, physical disorders, such as cancer and other growths, and considerably lowers physical resistance to bacteria and viruses; it is in fact the originating cause of some of the most virulent of the latter. Auric dysfunction passes down as an incarnational heritage. It can cause stress and negativity and can effectively block the psychic channels. It can also cause an emotional sedimentation, so that a person becomes desensitized emotionally and psychically. Therefore anything that combats auric dysfunction is very important and knowing that it is causes that must be dealt with and not effects, it can be seen how important is a proper assessment of personal relationships. What Culdians have to get across is that they are not proclaiming some form of moral code imposed arbitrarily. What they have to explain is why moral codes came into being in the first place, why they are. It should be explained that they are the tool, the antidote, the cure for auric dysfunction, but it should also

be made clear that while being a perfect preventive they are a poor cure. Vibratory confusion or auric dysfunction cannot be caused by family and personal disharmony, but once it manifest disharmony can accentuate it, as can other factors. So it has to be stressed that precautions must be taken against it and this is done simply by maintaining certain standards of personal emotional behavior.


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