Is it wrong for a marriage to be dissolved by divorce?

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It has been said that marriage is the greatest of Earth’s challenges, and it may well be. The tragedy of a broken marriage is not so much that the parties have found it necessary to end their association as the fact that their life together may have been unproductive in wisdom, insight and tolerance. Some marriages are fated to be and just as fated to end whey the two individuals concerned have learned all they can from each other and worked out together whatever kharma was involved. However, what all too often happens is that lessons are not learned and the same mistakes are repeated in a subsequent marriage, and in this case the kharmic consequences can be dire. If two people feel that their marriage has reached breaking point it is very important that the parting be achieved without the production of negative kharma, which comes about through negative actions and emotions. Every effort should be made not only to sever the marital tie in a responsible manner, but also to accomplish the much more difficult task of severing the kharmic tie, or more difficult still, the frequency link. If the kharmic tie remains then the outcome may be that the two will go through it all again in some future incarnation. It is also a fact that sometimes, not often, the divorce itself is the kharmic reason why two people may have come together in the first place; or the

persons involved may have in some way predetermined the situation to see whether they have evolved to the point of parting under positive circumstances. A divorce involving negative emotions and attitudes will certainly bring negative kharma into being, but to remain unhappily married, tolerating the situation with resentment, regret and hostility, is also productive of much negative kharma. However, to divorce irresponsibly, without consideration of all the surrounding circumstances, especially when children are involved, is even more conducive to negative kharma.


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