Marriage seems to have failed in modern society. Is this because it is outdated?

Category: Home & Family

The failed marriages seem to get the publicity, there are many good ones. It is not so much that marriage has failed as an institution, as that society has failed to support marriage. The mass media do little to enhance it. Marriage has lost its status, it has become devalued and this is because of society’s attitude towards it. It will always remain as an institution and the family will always be the ideal social unit, but how well marriage serves society is dependent entirely on the value placed on it by society at large and the individual members of society. It will never become outdated because it is ageless and enshrines the ultimate in human relationships; however, certain aspects of it have to change with the times. The home is the citadel of family virtues and marriage is the sanctum of love. The status of marriage is closely linked with the status of women as defined by themselves alone.


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