What about evangelistic meetings where healing is carried out. Is this form of healing effective?

Category: Christianitiy

It would be wholly wrong to denigrate the good work done by Healers at meetings such as you mention, but the atmosphere there is not generally conducive to lasting benefits. The principles of spiritual healing are now quite well known and understood and the most effective results are obtained in an atmosphere where emotions are more subdued. Certainly more spectacular results appear to be obtained in a place where there is a highly charged emotional atmosphere, but the effects are almost always transient. It should be noted how this emotional atmosphere is built up by the speakers, by emotive affirmation and loud voiced exhortations. The singing also follows a particular format, with repetitious assertions and specific cadences. The whole induces a semi-hypnotic effect. Persons being treated will fall back in a hypnotic trance state and although this may be impressive it has nothing whatsoever to do with the effectiveness

or otherwise of the healing. Actually a trance state induced under such circumstances can be positively harmful.


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