What about seduction?

Category: Social Concern

Seduction of the innocent and trusting is always wrong, but obviously this is a cliché and not a satisfactory answer. Where is the dividing line between rape and seduction? A notorious rapist stated that the only difference between the two is salesmanship – the difference between the way a callous robber carries out his crime of acquiring something he wants and the way a gentleman con-man goes about it. It is interesting to note that long after he had served his term of imprisonment the same rapist was again accused of rape. However, he defended himself by proving that he had long since given up the risks of rape but had studied and made himself a master of, the art of seduction, thus obtaining the same end result. He admitted 28 rapes to the police, only five of which had been reported and three of his victims said he was ‘quite nice’ about it, while two stated they were not sure whether they had been raped or seduced. None of these women had reported him to the police.


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