What are the dangers?

Category: Christianitiy

There are many dangers of hypnotic states and although the state induced in such meetings as you refer to is only that known as a light trance state, nevertheless every authority on the matter condemns induction by those inexperienced in hypnosis. It should be emphasized that there is no connection between this trance state and actual healing, apart from any benefits which may be derived from subconscious suggestion. The falling effect is due to the person’s own proneness to hypnotic influence and their sensitivity; generally speaking these person have a high potential for supersensory development. It is not to be inferred that there is any conscious practice of hypnotism; the Healers, at such meetings, have probably little idea of the principles involved. This does not imply that they are not good Healers, most of them are, but they would be better still without the ‘stage dressing’.


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