What is the principle of Faith Healing?

Category: Supersensory Development

The key lies in the biochemistry of endorphins. The name ‘endorphins’ is a contraction of ‘endogenous morphine-like substances’. These substances work on the nervous system and are generated in the human brain in response to pain, stress or certain kinds of ‘peak experience’. It appears that they are also generated in response to belief. The ability of the body to heal in response to belief has long been recognized. Physicians regularly administer placebos (pharmacologically inert substances) in circumstances that do not indicate an active medication. The patient believes that he has been given effective medication and, in response to this belief, he recovers. One theory is that the body produces chemicals, perhaps endorphins, which alleviate ailments. Placebos have been used to control post-operative pain, relieve anxiety and to cure warts and peptic ulcers. Endorphins may have evolved in order to protect and preserve our species in its struggle for survival. They are not the only chemicals the brain produces. Given the right cues the latter will generate tranquillisers as effective as librium or valium. A growing number of scientists, from biochemists and pharmacologists to psychiatrists, psychologists and anthropologists, have speculated that somehow shamans and witch doctors have hit on ingenious methods for turning on production of the brain’s natural chemicals. This involves a subtle appreciation of the patient’s psychological as well as physical problems. It is a subject dealt with in the Culdian’s Metaphysical Healing Course and the Supersensory Development Course.


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