Why is it that talk of a negative thing or condition, something feared, seems to draw it to us? Yet when we talk about something we hope will happen, that thing or event is often prevented from manifesting.

Category: Psychology

Man has conditioned himself into thinking that all of the ills and bad fortune of the world are just around the corner and are about to pounce on him the moment he stumbles. He then conveniently invents stumbling blocks, so that when something unfortunate does happen to him he can point out exactly what it was that ‘forced’ him to do something, or why it was that a particular ‘accident’ occurred. It becomes normal, as the outcome of subconscious conditioning, to anticipate and plan for misfortune, and we draw it to us. For example, an insurance salesman, after a brief talk, will have you believing you will be homeless, carless and penniless if you do not buy his policy. The commercials on television will persuade you that you need a pill for every bodily function, a stimulus for every sense, a different cleaner for every corner of the house (even though it is the same dirt), etc. Is it any wonder that we draw negation towards us? If we put enough will power into making our life a success rather than a failure, by planning success and not subconsciously conditioning ourselves for failure, the trend will be reversed. We may desire only good fortune, but is that desire stronger than our expectation of misfortune? Do we anticipate to become ill if we are around someone with the flu? If we do we certainly will catch it. Simply hoping that we will not get sick is not sufficient. Our desires must be strong enough to motivate us to do what we desire. Wishful thinking or talk not acted upon is an excuse for our own laziness. If talking of something good does not manifest that thing, then what good is simply talking about it going to do? It is merely wasted energy and therefore partakes of the wastefulness and uselessness of negation. Both parts of your question could be considered negative and therefore negative aspects manifest. In the first part, the manifestation of negative things, and in the second the absence of anything good manifesting.


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