You mentioned ‘metaphysical development’. What is meant by that?

Category: Metaphysical Phenomena

Because the words ‘psychic’, ‘occult’ and ‘magic’ have been so exploited and associated with so much self-deception they have fallen into disrepute. Culdians use the term ‘metaphysical’ and their manifested interest in this field is simply a by-product of their research and understanding of universal laws. Metaphysical development (or supersensory development) requires a considerable degree of personality development and the practice of social and personal responsibility, self-discipline and organizational capacity. The fact that many sensitives have neglected to develop in balance and are scattered, uncommitted, irresponsible, disorganised and often display emotional or mental instability, casts a further shadow over the field of metaphysical research. The ignorant will blame these people’s interest in metaphysical development for any personality problems

they may have, and this is true to the extent that they have not developed the attributes needed in a balanced personality.


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