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March 18, 2024


FROM: The Administration Department – Culdian Trust

TO: The Sincere Seeker.

The world today is, as it has always been, an impermanent world. Existing in this impermanent world thinking men and women have always searched for answers as to what life is all about. They have sought the help of additional powers, and for these have often reached out beyond the confines of the physical. This searching exists because of uncertainty, which causes the fear that haunts people most of their lives. Fear, worry and doubt eat away at our inner beings, making us weak and ineffective in accomplishing our desire for a serene life – the ‘good life’ – that all of us are entitled to.

If you could peer through the veil into the darkness that surrounds your earthly consciousness and learn what lies beyond, the certainty and fear would be eliminated from your life. You would be able to make the better choices and more perceptive decisions that would effectively shape your future. We can help you, we do care and we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with what we offer here in this Course. There are, however, just a few points to clarify.

If those of you who undertake the Course are to obtain the maximum benefit, correspondence is necessary in order that your Personal Instructor may accurately assess progress and give advice whenever necessary. We do not provide questionnaires with the Lessons, as other means of progress assessment are used and letters provide a more individualised form of communication. Although the Lessons are designed to be sent out fortnightly, and will be unless we hear to the contrary, we want each Aspirant to work at his or her own pace. Each step should be mastered before going on to the next. We know that with some of you time will be limited, but we can accommodate anyone, whatever their circumstances, provided the enthusiasm is there.

Anything relating to the teachings and instructions should be addressed to your own Personal Instructor, whose name will be provided. All things relating to administrative affairs, payments, etc., should be addressed to:

The Secretary,

Culdian Celestial Age Trust

PO Box 288



Or email: secretary@culdiantrust.org