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March 18, 2024


Look around you at the passing parade of life. Listen to the talk; watch, hear and read what goes on in the news media. Observe the great divergence in people’s lives and you will note that humanity in the mass can be divided into those who have and those who have not; those who succeed and those who fail. Some are happy, content and healthy; others are not. If you observe the passing parade closely and objectively enough, it will seem that those who have, who are happy and successful, appear to be endowed with some special power, some attribute not present in others.

We have mentioned two categories of people, but there is a third – those who simply amble through life. They belong to neither one class nor the other. They are the in-betweens. They limp instead of walk. People of the shadow they are never in a state of complete happiness, nor are they entirely miserable. They are not complete failures, but neither can they be called successful, for success ever eludes them. They are not actually unhealthy, but live in a state of indifferent health.

The great differences between individuals are obvious enough and such there will always be, but the tragedy is that only very rarely do people attribute their failures, ill-health or unhappiness to the proper causes. There seems to be a fundamental inability to link cause with effect. The latter is manifest, the former almost impossible to discover.

Among many other things our teachings deal with a creative law which preceded human existence and still supplies the drive enabling anyone to attain a selected goal. It operates without deviation and is inflexible. This law exists to serve humanity and is predictable, orderly and immutable, as is any scientific law. Here is one of the actual keys to living which, by cooperating with it, can set a new course in life.

To be of any value intellectual knowledge has to be put into practice. Reading will provide knowledge, but unless transmuted into effort it is useless. In undertaking this Course you will have to be honest with yourself. From the beginning it deals with the conquest of your lesser self and you must never shrink from the steps necessary for victory.

What we are going to do together is to completely remould your self, give you a complete overhaul and this means perseverance, application, careful study and sincere effort. Note that at this stage the emphasis is on you rather than on metaphysics and supersensory development. That is because it is with the individual that the start must be made, although in this Course we deal with personal supersensory development concurrently.

Balanced, well-orientated individuals make a healthy society, for society is the sum of its members. Our modern society is not healthy. Civilisation was built up by the efforts of great thinkers whose minds were illuminated from within because they were able to tap some source of inspirational knowledge. In the realm of mind there is a basic law – like will always attract like – so hate will attract hate, while love will attract love. Thus every religious leader has always declared the power of love and warned against the exercise of hate. We, as a mass, have refused to take these admonitions to heart. Had we done so the world would now be a harmonious abode for all life.

A fundamental relationship exists between the whole of life consciousness throughout the universe and the individual. Few are consciously aware of it. Everyone must, of his or her own freewill, desire to achieve attunement with a higher power. It is tragic that countless human beings have become so involved on the lower levels of their being with physical aspects alone, that they are completely insensitive to this higher power. It is on the Cosmic Consciousness level that all life experiences are reviewed by what constitutes your entity and there is, magically built into it, the essence of what you have become in this life.

Many centuries ago it was written, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. The word ‘heart’ used in this context in the Christianised scriptures does not refer to the physical heart. It literally means the inner mind, or as we would now say, the subconscious. What is actually meant by this is that what determines human responsibility, character and conduct, is not what is consciously thought or verbalised, but what is perceived by the subconscious. The tragedy is that quite often response patterns are established in the subconscious, of which one is unaware and these behaviour patterns make or break a person. All successful people consciously affirm that they do not want to fail, yet they persist in doing things conducive to their failure. Likewise, persons who are always apprehensive or afraid affirm that they do not want to live under a cloud of anxiety, yet they continue to do so. All kinds of reasons are given – phobia, obsession, compulsion, and so on, but these are the effects, not the causes. The true answer is that these individuals are subconsciously convinced that such behaviour responses are necessary to their life.

As we have said previously, look about you and study the patterns of life more closely. You will then note that all successful people seem to possess some special source of energy which they have learned to tap, and you will be taught how to do likewise. This Course is a dynamic instrument which will effect an improvement and actually help you put into operation whatever plans you have for your life.

In this space-age more is expected and demanded of the mind. The average school child today is learning things unheard of a few years ago. Industry is becoming more student in its requirements, even the most humble positions call for an educational standard above the average for the older generation. There has to be a continual accumulation of knowledge in order to advance in a chosen career and promotions pass by the person who shuns this knowledge or fails to put it into practice.

How do you and your family fit into the changing pattern of life? Are you going to rise to its challenges, or simply opt out? No one can claim that he or she lacks the mental resources to meet the challenge of competition, for the average person uses less than one-tenth of his or her mental capacity. The problem to be resolved is this: How can we utilise the great reservoir of dormant mind potential that slumbers within? Particularly when, in order to do so, we have to somehow tap the treasure house of the subconscious.

There are, of course, many individuals (whom we call Inertians) who lack any motivation for self-improvement. They are drifters, content to go where the tides of life carry them. Recognising their own unworthiness they gratefully accept whatever life doles out to them. Very often these apathetic ones glory in their own ignorance, hoping it makes them different, which of course it does; but some are truly unfortunate, for they believe that this difference actually makes them superior. It is unlikely you are one of these, otherwise you would not be contemplating taking this Course; but if by chance you are, then the Course may be just what you need.

However, we must stress again that you will be required to do more than simply read the Lessons. You will need to practise diligently and exercise self-discipline. Do not worry as to whether you will make it or not, as the only ones who fail are those who do not apply themselves enough, who lack the quality of perseverance. If you have a normal intellect, or even just commonsense, plus proper motivation, then you cannot possibly fail. Chronological age has no bearing on the matter and in the upper age brackets the only deterrent is senility. If senility has not already set in, then there is much to benefit, for it will be obviated.

Human nature is a strange thing. Tell people they can throw off the burden of inadequate, aimless, unproductive lives and they will nod in agreement, while their subconscious mind tells them that it is all too good to be true. Of one thing you can be sure; if you really want to effect a change in your life the means for doing so now lie within your grasp. This can be a new beginning. A better life can be yours if you choose to accept it.


For the sake of ease in communication the term ‘man’ will be used to indicate both man and woman, except where some other expression conforms to a smooth flow of words. However, we want to make it clear that we regard men and women as equal in status, and in fact in some respects of the superphysical, women display more sensitivity and aptitude than men. Where we use the word ‘Aspirant’ it will indicate both male and female.

Conventional words will generally be used to describe certain metaphysical aspects, for we wish to conform to general under-standing. However, sometimes a word used in different contexts has a different meaning in each. In other instances two words may have the same meaning. These seeming inconsistencies arise because of the need to explain in conventional language unconventional things. New words of ancient lineage will be introduced where these relate to matters outside the scope of general knowledge.


It can be affirmed that everything existing vibrates, although this word only inadequately describes what we really mean, but for the time being this can be left in abeyance. It can also be stated that everything manifesting on the physical plane consists of molecules in constant motion. Here we are using the world ‘molecule’ for simplicity and it must be understood that included in this are atoms, neutrons, electrons, protons, etc. Although it is generally held that all matter is compounded, you will learn that its basic material is a form of energy.

Molecules can be seen through the electron microscope, although they are extremely small indeed. The dictionary states that molecules are the smallest portion of a substance capable of independent existence, while at the same time retaining the properties of the substance of which they were a part. Small as they are their own ‘building blocks’, the atoms, are infinitely smaller still.

The ancients have given us an oft-quoted saying, “As above, so below”, and the atom is, in many respects, the microscopic counterpart of a solar system. In relation to an atom the nucleus holds the position of the sun in a solar system. Around the nucleus electrons revolve in much the same way that planets revolve around the sun. Another similarity between the atom and the solar system is that empty space predominates in both, the ratio being much the same in both cases. The nature and structure of the atoms will be dealt with in a later Lesson; meanwhile, for the sake of simplicity, we will refer to molecules only.

If you tried to push your finger through a block of wood you could not do so, and you may query why when most of the wood is empty space. The short answer is that you are precluded from doing so by its forcefield; yet the feat is not absolutely impossible, as you will ultimately discover.

Every living creature, including man, in fact all that manifests in any form of matter, consists of a mass of rapidly rotating molecules. The human body, like all other material things, appears solid enough. This apparent solidity is a basic factor in our lives, for we ourselves are integrated into the physical environment. We accept solidness as a reality because, with our physical limitations, we cannot do otherwise, but the fact is that nowhere in the universe does the state of absolute solidity exist.

Let us assume that it was possible for your consciousness to be concentrated at some point in your body in a vehicle infinitely smaller than an atom. How then would you perceive your body? You would be totally unaware of the great bulk of matter manifesting as your physical body, for what you would see could be compared to vast galaxies of whirling suns and spiral nebulae in deep space. In the softer areas of the body these would be widely spaced, but in the denser areas, the teeth and bones, they would be more concentrated; the whole would have the appearance of stars in the night sky. When viewed from an infinitely small standpoint man is a universe no less awesome and mysterious than the great vaults overhead.

Some of you may claim to be realists, but can any of you say what reality is, where it begins and ends? If reality varies according to the point from which it is viewed, is it not akin to illusion? You may believe that reality is manifested in solidity, but if, in the ultimate, there is no such thing as solidity, might not all seeming reality be no more than delusion, as some philosophies allege?

Although in constant motion, the molecules in the human body are held in stability and form by a particular power, a form of energy. Within the coherent mass of the human body another form of energy is generated, and it is the interplay of these two energies which causes life to manifest. The power first mentioned is universal, both in origin and expression. It is three-phased and its nature and attributes will be dealt with later when you are better placed to under-stand. The other form of energy will also be dealt with in a future Lesson.

Every existing thing on the physical plane, from the greatest star in outer space to the smallest molecule in inner space, is in a state of vibrational radiation. These emanations interact with others, so that everything within the physical universe is inter-connected with, or in some way related to, everything else. Nothing exists in complete isolation from all else. That is an impossibility, and it is important to keep this in mind.

In some parts of outer space material manifestations are relatively dense, while elsewhere they are sparse, and so it is with all material manifestations. The molecules in a bar of iron are closely packed, while those in the air about us are widely spread. A far of iron, unless forced, will not penetrate the human body, but air will pass right through, even entering the bloodstream via the capillaries.

The truth is that human physical senses, upon which realists place so much reliance, are very fallible instruments quite inadequate for exploring reality. The so-called reality some may comprehend is not reality at all, but only an illusive perception of it. So what you have to understand is that we are not going to deal with false interpretations, but with reality itself – with fundamental reality.

Even the majority of independent thinkers are conditioned to accept reality within a fairly narrow range of perception. This results mainly from instinctive responses originating in a system of sensory logic, reinforced by educational conditioning. We all tend to accept that which we consider to be within the perimeters of our own believed possibilities and too often we accept what is preferred, if it falls within that area. Most people are so conditioned in outlook that the system works smoothly, no question as to accuracy arising in the conscious mind.

Take a look at the picture on the right. The conscious mind, utilising the sense of sight and interpreting what it sees, basing this on the reference data of our physical experiences, informs us that the object is a cube. So it is.

Moving our eyes to the figure on the left requires slight visual re-orientation before the conscious mind, in processing the information, informs us that we are again observing a cube, but this time from underneath

Now let us see just how reliable the conscious mind is. Can it be tricked in its interpretation? Will it be able to transmit to us a final definite decision based on the storehouse of information whereby it computes all logic problems?

When you first look at the figure on the right you will see it is a transparent cube viewed from the top, just as when you saw the solid cube above. Your conscious mind has drawn upon the same reference data and consequently has, from your casual glance, provided the same information you received in relation to that figure. Your conscious mind has not analysed this information and the only additional data it has been given is that the cube is transparent. Now, if you accept the image as it has been superficially interpreted and take your eyes off the cube, you will assume that you have seen a transparent cube viewed from the top.

However, if you continue to gaze at the object, quite suddenly and outside your conscious control the image will flip. Now you will be seeing a transparent cube from underneath, just as you viewed the solid cube in the second example above.

What has happened is that your conscious mind has become confused. Its everyday non-analytical conditioning immediately leads it to one interpretation, while further observation leads it to another. In other words, on re-assessment the conscious mind offers an alternative interpretation. If you persist in looking at the diagram the conscious mind will reverse its assessment and the image will revert to the top view position.

Look as long as you like now and the image will flip back and forth until you resolve the matter by taking your gaze away. What we want you to realise here is that the conscious mind, faced with something specific, will immediately react by providing an interpretation which, based on its prior conditioning, accords with logic, but if queried will cause doubt and confusion.

This brings us to the conclusion, which it is important to understand, that the conscious mind is uncomfortable with uncertainties. Paradoxes in sensory perception confuse it, and therefore to maintain its equilibrium it will formulate a reality of its own, rejecting anything which runs counter to it. Thus we become isolated from the greater reality, closed in by the interpretations we place on what comes to us through our limiting sensory perceptions. This is why children, who are governed mainly by the subconscious, have a perception of reality different from that of adults who have been conditioned towards perspectives governed by the conscious mind.

Uneducated and even simple-minded people often display quite remarkable supersensory abilities, while people engaged in intellectual pursuits, who reason logically with their conscious minds, are generally less proficient in metaphysics. Yet it has been noted that when the latter develop the capacity for metaphysical analysis and insight, they are far more proficient than the former. However, the circles in which they move are those most critical of metaphysical phenomena.

Here is another striking demonstration of the conditioned interpretative capabilities of the conscious mind. You will see how it resists a point of view not in accordance with its conditioned understanding.

The figure below is a drawing of a staircase as seen from slightly above eye level. It is clearly portrayed and straight forward and the average person will readily accept it, without query, for what it purports to be.

Now, as you read, your conscious mind’s assumptions will be challenged. Actually, the staircase is seen from below and is upside down. Preposterous, your conscious mind will say, and it will not admit that this view-point could exist, but kept this thought in mind and continue to look. Be determined to see an alternative view. All of a sudden the picture will flip, but unlike the previous figure, which offers a reasonable and acceptable alternative, this perspective is so contrary to the logic of conditioning that it will almost immediately re-establish itself in the understandable way. This will happen even against any conscious desire to see it otherwise.

Let us continue with this little experiment with the conscious mind. Keeping your eyes on the drawing of the staircase, slowly rotate the page so that the staircase is turned upside down. Despite any attempt on your part to retain the inverted view, your conscious mind will slip the staircase back to the position it affirms should be the proper perspective. The conscious mind is asserting its interpretation of reality even, in this instance, against reason and logic.

What we want you to understand is that we carry in our minds, rejection mechanisms which will deny the existence of things contrary to our preconditioning. It must be realised that we are often incapable of making a proper assessment of what is possible because, unless the subject accords with our patterns of experience and mental conditioning, we will automatically reject it.

Here is another experiment. Look closely at the illustration on the right. Your conscious mind will tell you that the pattern is moving and the lines merging, but you know for a fact that this is not true and can prove it is not true, but not with your eyes. Your eyes are not at fault, they are simple inlets to the mind. It is your conscious mind that refuses to view a design such as this objectively.

One final experiment. The optical illusion to the right contains the crux of a long drawn out dispute between the scientists Einstein and Bohr over the nature of matter. Bohr maintained that a scientist trying to observe a particle was in the same bind you are when trying to observe the silhouettes. It is impossible to detect the profiles and the chalice simultaneously. The conscious mind is confused by the presentation and flips back and forth from one interpretation to the other, trying to grasp which is reality. So, too, maintained Bohr, one cannot know the momentum and position of a particle at the same time. Einstein set out to prove Bohr wrong, but he had to formulate a quite different concept of reality in order to do so. We will not go into this debate here, these are deep waters indeed. What we want you to grasp is that as you are now, unless you can see the profiles and the chalice simultaneously, and hold them both steadily for a lengthy period, you cannot know even the superficial manifestation of reality. Later, when you are more developed, you will be able to do so.

These are very simple examples. Many of the realities in life are much more complex than line drawing. Think, then, how often when faced with a truth, we reject it out of hand because of mental conditioning and limited experience. Ponder these things.

Although we have called this an Introductory Lesson, it does not follow the format of future Lessons where exercises are provided and general instructions given. With each Lesson there will be an experiment which can be conducted at home with materials ready to hand. Sometimes there will be alternative exercises, so that a choice can be made to accord with your own nature and make up. The next Lesson will be dispatched as soon as you advise that you wish to continue.

Meanwhile, you should think often about the nature of reality. Look about you and contemplate what you see. Look at a tree in leaf. What colour is it? Sure it is green, but how many shades of green are there? Why and how does it impress itself on your mind that it is that particular colour? If you wore tinted glasses you would see it as a different colour, but would the actual leaves still be green? How does it appear to a colour-blind person? Above all, what is it like in actuality? What is anything like, if viewed through the delusive sense of sight?

Might there not be another form of reality? One which many things exist which are excluded from our knowledge through the limitations of our senses? There are dog whistles pitched so high that they cannot be heard by human ears, yet they are easily heard by dogs. What else does a dog hear that humans do not? Why do radio and television sets pick up the frequencies of sound and sight that surge about and through you, yet you remain completely insensitive to them? Without the instrument to interpret them you would be ignorant of the sounds and sights available to you. They become real to you only when you have some means of bringing them into your range of comprehension. Might not very much more of reality be available to you if you had the means for apprehending it?

Think deeply about these things whenever you have a spare moment during the day and let that be sufficient exercise for the time being.

This Course is intended to simply lay down the foundation upon which a more advanced structure can be built. It deals with the basic principles and fundamentals of metaphysics and supersensory development. From the relatively simple beginnings in the elementary Lessons you will be led on to more interesting and comprehensive things. In the next few Lessons you will be taught how to see the human aura and will be provided with experiments relating to this phenomenon. Later you will be given the opportunity to learn how to awaken your latent powers of intuition and the techniques of astral travel. Telepathic communications will be explained. Eventually, if you wish, you will be taught the healing sick minds and bodies, how to overcome pain and the rapid healing of injuries. You will learn about communications from the world of spirit and how to distinguish the true from the false.

The little-known powers of sex will be explained, together with methods of their proper development and utilisation. You will learn how to gain control over body functions and how to develop a magnetic personality. You will also learn about an exclusive source of power which you may utilise, and you can go onto a higher path which will provide insights into strange realms. It should perhaps be emphasised that all our teachings have nothing whatsoever to do with any ‘dark forces’ and are wholly concerned with Good and the spiritual wellbeing of humankind.

The art of metaphysics requires patience, persistence and practice, to make it effective, and each of you will be encouraged to get to know yourself, to come to terms with weaknesses or railings and overcome them in the battle for balance and accomplishment. Throughout the Course you will be able to actually do things rather than simply study theory. In fact, there is very little theory involved, as practical tests and experiments are provided to prove points. We must, in fairness, state that a lot of hard work and application is required, nothing worthwhile ever came easily, but the effort will be fascinating and enjoyable. The techniques are sufficient in themselves to cover all the fields of basic metaphysics.

This Course is distributed by the Culdian Celestial Age Trust, a non-profit-making organisation incorporated and registered under the New Zealand Charitable Trusts Act, 1957. It is staffed entirely by volunteers who devote their time freely, believing that in these uncertain times anything which is conducive to the promotion of Good is worthwhile. The Course serves the cause of Good by awakening the potential latent in individuals for achievements which lie beyond the mundane confinements of material limitations. It shows just what can be attained by those prepared to reach out into the realms beyond the physical, into the arcane and esoteric, perhaps even into the so-called supernatural. Yet, in truth, today’s unknown, today’s supernatural, is no more than what will be tomorrow’s known and understood, tomorrow’s acceptable and natural. Today’s mysticism is tomorrow’s science and today’s metaphysics is tomorrow’s physics.