Can anyone become a Culdian?

Category: Culdians

Yes, anyone who wishes to follow the Culdian path. No dogmatic doctrine will be imposed upon them, the Culdian teachings speak for themselves. However, the people most welcome fall into two categories: those who are seekers of the ultimate Truth, in whatever sphere, and those who want to deal with the manifest and manifold ills of present day society and who, in order to more ably accomplish this, are prepared to make whatever adjustments are necessary to their attitudes and lifestyle. Personal development is an important aspect of the Culdian teachings. This is complemented by a spiritual unfolding. What we require most are people who have the potential for playing a prominent part in the future of the Culdians, who can influence their progress through the long road ahead. Culdians not only teach, they also want to learn and those from whom they can learn most are warmly welcome.


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