Can you help me to understand why I find it so hard to put into application what I have learned?

Category: Psychology

Our lack of application is one reason why we are still immersed in the material world, and it stems from a number of weaknesses within us. Motivation seems, at times, to be an illusive quality. That is why it is so imperative that we find motivation, for without it we usually get nowhere.

There is no easy way to apply our teachings. If we are looking for a magic wand or someone to appear and show us how to walk the path, we are very mistaken. We walk the Soulpath alone. Why are so many called, but so few chosen for the Mastery of Life? Because many have not the inner strength, conviction, fortitude or will power to do what they know they must do. The more we apply ourselves to our duties, the easier they become. Determine within yourself that nothing will prevent you from applying yourself. Nothing can, or does, except yourself.


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