Christ is called The Saviour and yet more enlightened teachings reject the doctrine of vicarious atonement. How can his sacrifice be reconciled with the doctrine of kharma?

Category: Christianitiy

Christ gave his life out of compassion for the stragglers, those who would otherwise be lost. This is the teaching of some of the more enlightened modern Christians, and a concept well worth consideration. While the vast majority of human beings is capable of reaching perfection through the law of consequences, that is through reincarnation and kharma, there have always been the few so immersed in their wrongdoings that they would have been lost without help. Christs’s sacrifice was not one demanded by God, but being an entity of extremely high frequency his death in a physical body meant that a specific frequency band was formed, so that his spirit power became available for providing another chance for those who could not otherwise survive in spirit. To these Christ was truly the The Saviour.


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