Do Culdians believe that certain people serve Evil?

Category: Culdians

Yes, although it is fair to say that the person who consciously decides to serve Evil is a very rare creature. Evil is generally served by well-meaning but misguided people. Of course there are those who lie, steal, assault, hate, envy, deceive, or otherwise act wrongly towards others,

but only rarely do they consciously acknowledge that they are serving Evil. Most will have some excuse for their acts, or they may be victims of prior conditioning and incapable of making proper judgments or ethical decisions. A well-meaning, indulgent parent can inflict more harm on a child’s life than can an assault or ill treatment. A great deal of sorrow is caused by well intentioned people. Culdians know that there exists in this world a coterie of people who believe that they are destined to make the world subservient to their rule, and who have no scruples whatsoever in the attainment of this end. These can therefore be justly described as people who serve Evil knowingly, although they do not view themselves as being evil. They simply have an interpretation of Good which excluded the great majority of people.


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