Has there been any research on the family background of rapists and if so what are the conclusions?

Category: Social Concern

It seems that most rapists have personality defects and relationship difficulties. Some have relatively stable marriage relationships and a few appear to have been good husbands and fathers, but deeper probing found evidence to the contrary. One thing they all had in common was a defective home environment when they were children. There is little doubt that the causes of their eventual anti-social behavior are to be found in their childhood environment and particularly in parental irresponsibility or indifference. Many were unable to relate to their mothers or held her in little respect. The father’s attitude towards the mother and women in general also seems to have played a part. Research indicated that the number who had feminist mothers was out of proportion to the community in general, and it seems that the son of a ‘butch’ lesbian is more than four times as likely to be a rapist as the average.

When it comes to anti-social behavior the family is all important and there is little doubt that the great bulk of the ills afflicting society today can be attributed to the decline in family stability and status. This is why the Culdians place so much emphasis in their teachings on family wellbeing. A concept which the Culdians are trying to promote is that of responsible parenting, something little understood in it wider application, for it actually begins during courtship. Very few people take their prospective children into consideration when choosing a mate. Yet, for the genetic good of humankind this is something which cannot be overlooked without dire consequences.


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