I am unable to believe in an afterlife. My husband and I were always very close and were spirit communication a fact surely I would have had something from him after he passed away. Yet I have never felt his presence. How then can I believe that the still exists somewhere?

Category: The Afterlife

You make a common error in believing that because you are ‘closed off’ from the other side everyone is, or that there is no substance in it. It is simply a matter of lack of attunement. In order to get what you want three things are essential: an effective sender, a sensitive receiver and proper attunement between them. Just as individual radio stations have their own particular frequencies, so do people have frequencies, and just as you have to tune in properly to a radio station in order to receive broadcasts, so is it necessary to fine tune-in to a personal frequency. If your husband and you were close then it would have been possible to have developed telepathic communication between you while he was on earth; then when he left earth communication could have been maintained.


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