I know what negativity is and I understand that a lot comes from childhood conditioning, but can you give me an illustration of what causes negativity? And what can be done to avoid it?

Category: Personality

There are of course innumerable causes, but you have requested an illustration. Well, suppose you are having difficulty with some person and you have decided on a certain course of action ‘to put him or her in his or her place’. However, if, when the time comes for action you weaken, this will immediately set up a negative impress. Always, when you decide on a course of action you know to be right, or believe to be right, see it through whatever the costs. Never have second thoughts, unless there are very good reason for them. Whenever you decide to do something and then turn back, it sets up a negative barrier which becomes part of a greater negativity barrier, and this is increasingly difficult to overcome as time goes by. So always, when a decision has been made in your mind, carry it through.


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