I would like to get back to the nature of biblical prophesy. Most orthodox Christians firmly believe that prophesy MUST come to pass, as though it were expressing God’s will. Surely this cannot be the truth, especially concerning all the disasters predicted for the world and mankind. For instance, some people believe that nuclear destruction is unavoidable because the event is foretold in Bible prophesy; also the stamping of the ‘Mark of the Beast’. What is the Culdian attitude to such prophesies?

Category: Christianitiy

Actually it is the Christian attitude that prophesy must happen because it is mentioned in the Bible, which is causing the events to come to pass. Understanding the nature of prophesy and the functions of God’s Creative Force and how it works, Culdians would caution that this mostly ‘Christian’ view is the most dangerous and most potent force of danger in the world today. In fact to become part of the apathetic pool of thought is to become the tool of Illuminism, part of the destructive energy field by which the prophesy may be fulfilled.


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