In your correspondence course it is stated that human blood cells are actually cells and not the almost flattened disks described in many medical books. Is this so?

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We stand by our statement which accords with modern metaphysical research, although it is not of prime importance and may be wholly ignored without any injury to the efficiency of this knowledge. What is of prime importance is our further statement that the red blood cells have a nucleus, which is also contrary to what most other schools and systems teach, and this cannot be ignored without losing a great value of the basic principles of our teachings. To ignore the positive nucleus of the blood cell is to eliminate from your thinking and from your understanding a most essential principle in the comprehension of the cause and nature of life, and the cause and nature of disease and its treatment or cure. While on this subject there is one other point about the red corpuscles to which we wish to give very great emphasis, and that is that each one of these blood cells has within it a creative form of consciousness, or a creative power or energy, that is of a divine nature and wholly separate from any chemical quality resident in the physical negative part of the cell. It is not the positive energy alone that vitalizes the red blood cell and makes it important in the maintenance of life, but also this consciousness, this constructive creative power. It is an instinctive energy whose sole purpose and sole activity is to create and build.


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