Is it possible to know what God is like, assuming that He does exist?

Category: The Afterlife

The Supreme Spirit can exist only in a reality transcending that which results from the interpretations of our limited senses. Therefore He is

as unknowable to our sensory faculties as are the frequencies, atoms and molecules which make up matter in the universe. So we may find difficulty in attributing material form to Him, but no such difficulty is experienced when considering His nature, for we partake of that nature. That part of human nature which is not the product of material evolutionary development, for example the concepts of beauty, music, art; of mercy, justice, love and goodness, which originate in a realm external to the material, may justifiably be considered attributes of the Divine. A materialist, being unable to comprehend the reality behind material manifestation, would not conceive The Supreme Spirit as something apart from the matter of this dimension. As no Supreme Being having the attributes of Deity could be manifested in matter, materialists affirm that God does not exist. To understand the nature of The Supreme Spirit one must first try to understand the nature of reality. Einstein and other scientists found no difficulty in formulating a satisfactory concept of God. People conceive Him according to their degree of understanding and possibly no two people share an exact conception of Him. Probably the best answer is that given by Einstein who was asked the same question, “I cannot know God, but I can observe His reflection on the imperfect background of matter as it is interpreted to my understanding. Why should I or you assume that I see more clearly than any other? That He exists must be true, for only substance casts a shadow, but what this Divine substance is who among men can presume to say?”


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