It has been said that people who live close to the ground, such as New Zealanders who generally have one level houses, are healthier than those who live in high rise apartment buildings. Is this so?

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It is not so much a matter of physical health as being in a better state of balance. The earth is a magnetic ball which emanates a force we call erthmegan. Land masses, as well as sea areas, have varying amounts of magnetism, a cause for continual concern by seafarers who have to take this into account when steering by the magnetic compass. Various compensating devices are used to maintain the stability of the ship’s magnetic compass, but even these are not wholly effective and allowances have to be made accordingly when navigating. Human beings have a certain amount of iron in their systems, more than you might imagine, as well as other minerals, and so it is easy to understand why the earth’s magnetism can affect individuals. Someone residing in an area of high magnetic density will find his or her mental processes reacting differently from those of someone living in a low density magnetic area. Iron intake into the diet has also to be taken into consideration. Every living creature needs contact with the earth currents or erthmegan, otherwise there is a deterioration in health. Studies have established conclusively that people having little contact with natural ground suffer from nervous complaints and generally poor health. Countryfolk are notoriously healthier than townspeople.


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