The Culdians have placed the subject of tolerance at issue. What happened?

Category: Culdians

The Editor of the influential local paper was a biblical fundamentalist who, for a long time, did try to maintain an open press and provide a balanced view. However, in open argument the ‘letters to the Editor’ columns were so overwhelmingly in favour of the balanced Culdian viewpoints that he was no longer able to maintain editorial equilibrium and came down heavily on the side of religious bias and intolerance. Although then relatively weak in numbers and resources the Culdians took up the challenge and opened a campaign for religious tolerance. For a while feelings ran hot and pressure was put on the local business community to withdraw its advertising support. There was also a move towards a public burning of the local paper. The outcome was that the Editor was removed and sections of the national press hailed this as a “victory for the Culdians and for tolerance”.


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