What then are the areas of Culdian concern?

Category: Culdians

The development of balanced and responsible individuals within a law-abiding and caring society. We seek to promote a healthy balance between spirituality and the need to progress in a material environment. To effect a change in society it is necessary to change individuals; there is a correspondence between the overall health and wellbeing of the individual and the wholesomeness and stability of society. Culdians promote the ideals of responsible conception and responsible parenting, believing that the root causes of most of the ills of society lie in defective domestic circles. The average individual today is much too

self-centered and there is a general lack of social conscience or social conscioiusness. Culdians also seek to revalue love and to promote the ideal of true love, and in this they run counter to the prevailing attitude that love means sex and that the freedom to express sexuality in any form should be a prerogative of society.


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