Why is it that children are allowed to be born into families where they are not wanted?

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Allowed is the keyword here. Allowed by whom? Remember that man is given both freewill and choice, and it is expected that he will exercise due consideration and responsibility. It is the right of every child to be conceived in love and responsibility and no child should ever come into the world unwanted. Mutual love is sufficient to hold two people together

and is sufficient reason for their being together, but it is not sufficient for parenthood where at least one other person is to be considered. Each parent of a child has the responsibility of selecting the other parent as being fit for parenthood and it is a sad reflection on our society that this is not sufficiently taken into consideration. While we are careful in selecting the best breeding stock in animals so we may get the best strain, we take a less responsible attitude when it comes to children. Yet this is an inescapable responsibility and one for which there will certainly be an accounting. There will come a time when the one who is an unwilling or irresponsible parent must seek embodiment anew and perhaps he or she will be reborn into a family where he or she is not welcome. Or it may happen that the unwilling or irresponsible parent of one incarnation becomes childless in the next. Children who are reincarnation of suicides, and therefore destined to die in childhood, are often born into families having a kharmic debt to liquidate.


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