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We are working to put up many of our Teachings both for the general public and signed up members. Stay tuned to the News and Announcements section of the Forum for the rotational release of different Teachings. Any of these books and booklets, and more, may be purchased electronically in our Store should you wish to have them on hand, or miss the free rotational release.

The following is the current freely available slate of Teachings in our rotation:

1. First up for this release, The Book of Wisdom is somewhat unique (along with Morals and Precepts) among the Books of The Kolbrin in that it contains barely a trace of historical reference. There are no stories or names or places to indicate it was written is this or that time or place. Without knowing its context, someone reading this selection could not rightly say whether it was written five years ago or five thousand years ago. This attests to the timelessness of Wisdom, and is equally applicable today as it was in ancient times.

The Book of Wisdom does not specialize in any one particular subject or field of interest. It is essentially a book of balanced instruction for all areas of life geared towards those who seeking balance, transcendence, self-control, and greater awareness within and without. It contains aspects of family and community relationships as well as elaboration on those Spiritual matters which directly affect Earthly life; and there are no greater aspects of Spirituality to contemplate as a human than those directly affecting humanity!

2. The next selection of our rotational releases we have for you is the second in the series of Channeled Works, Teachings of Celestina, available for all to read free on our website. Celestina’s subject matter is aligned closely with Psychology of Group Leadership , The Problem of Relationships, and Introduction to Spirituality; all of which are presently available either in current rotation on the website or within our Store.

Celestina, once a teacher of children, deals with matters of existence on Earth as well as Astral and Spiritual planes, and teaches extensively on what is required for us now on Earth to accomplish for the best possible future; what may be called the Celestial Age.

Thus is the name chosen for herself, Celestina, most appropriate for this specific set of Teachings. May they come to fruition in your life and throughout the world!

3. Also added this month is a booklet entitled Karma, Fate & Destiny. It is an excellent tie in to An Introduction to Spirituality in attempting to understand our life’s purpose here within the context of a Soul’s evolution through many lifetimes. This booklet begins to give answers and make sense of things in life that don’t seem fair, showing order and justice from a broader context, while also explaining the difference between fate and destiny. This is designed as a personal work, to give personal answers. Karma, Fate & Destiny is available free to read for all logged in members of the website.

4. As of now, we continuously have the Booklet, “An Introduction to Spirituality” available for all guests of our website to read . It can be found by clicking here: An Introduction to Spirituality.

After logging in to the site, click on the title link of the booklet to access it.

(To freely read ANY of the aforementioned Teachings on the website, click the “register” button at the top of the page, and after creating an account, log in from the main website page. [The forums are a separate log in.])


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  1. And so, finally, my search has lead me here. Man was never meant to know the truth in it’s entirity, but at least here, I am comfortable, and at last , feel as though I am among learned friends. I have always reserved my trust for those who are looking for the truth, and have never given it to those who proclaim they have found it. I thank God for the Culdian Perspective.

  2. I have been away for some time.
    I look forward to catching up and learning more of the wisdom found here.
    The journey I have been on has shown me the road between my heart and my mind.
    I am more grateful than I can express for the gift.
    Before, my “heart” was often overruled by my “logic”.
    And although I knew there was something wrong I had no way to name it.
    Things are better now, without a duality of heart and mind, I am only one, a part, of the one thing that is. Still seeking, only now I know many important answers are within.
    It has been a wonderful detour that everyone here helped me to take.
    With love, I thank you all. With special thanks to those who took time to shine their light on the path. But everyone brings light and it all matters.
    I love what Ghandi said “no matter what you do it is likely to be insignificant.. But it is very important that you do it. So I say thank you again. /tim

  3. Herein lies treasures so valuable that once possessed no thief can steal. A way out of the tenacious darkness currently gripping the terrestrial globe.
    It is by Divine Mercy that I have stumbled upon this. May Divine Wisdom continue guide in my discernment of what is Truth.

  4. Servcie2others wrote:

    “Man was never meant to know the truth in it’s entirety…”

    This is, regrettably, a deterministic concept. In my experience the limitations we place on ourselves, through our limiting thoughts, is our first mistake which leads us from the light we seek. Perhaps this might be worded: Man, in his current state, is not yet prepared to know ALL truth, for it is not possible for us to be both within a physical human body — as it exists in this level of spiritual quickening, or kingdom of consciousness — and also have, as it were, one Greater Eye in Heaven. This, this limited state of being will not always remain our lot. We are training to conjoin the physical and spiritual. This is why we are here in the first place, to learn to ‘quicken’ the atomic frequency of our bodies through increased spiritual harmony. Hence, we should begin with a positive note. Man was meant to know all truth, and share in the on-going Creation of the Universe. We just need to figure this out and raise ourselves on note at a time. This is the song we should sing. POTENTIAL.